Sunday, 15 April 2012

Now that's what I CALL a colour clash!

Thought the Borghese wouldn't be very good (I'd bought two locally) so put off using it for ages but I'm happy to say it was fabulous. Directly went back to the website to order some more. I'd read a single review of Castello Blue (also a Rapido) which suggested it was tough to apply and streaky so that put me off. I've checked again and other bloggers had no trouble with the blue so I should have been more thorough with my research.

Borghese Rapido Felice Tangerine/Essie Super Bossa Nova/selection of glitter topcoats

This firm is based near me and I had a very pleasant surprise one day when I popped into a post office near where I purchase my dog supplies and was confronted by lots and lots of nail polishes that you can't find in Boots or TOP (the other place).

Still can't master using nail guides and keep leaving a nasty, thick, lumpy line which then has to be obscured using glitter. But I do like the colour contrast so I'm posting it anyway.

Ruffians or Tips?
Any advice about ruffians?



  1. Love the colour combination! X

  2. Amazing colors! =)

  3. Borghese seems to be disappearing from stores by me--not sure what's up with that. I've been freehanding tips lately. Can't recall ever trying a Ruffian.

    1. Please do a Ruffian, Karen. You're so meticulous and I could learn from you!

  4. Oh, my goodness! Your nails look beautiful. I love these colors.
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