Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nail polish from Argos, you say? *face pull*

4 polishes for £14.99 - a Nails Inc product so it says - 3 different sets

Don't know about you but it's not the first or even tenth place I think of when I've a few pennies burning a hole in my pocket for polish purchasing. But lookee here.

9 Accessorize for £19.99 - good colours!

And down here.

6 polishes for £15.99

Now these I did buy. They're the usual Barry Ms available in Boots etc. No special colours or LEs but they'd be £18 bought separately and I had some kind of voucher so it worked out dirt-cheap. And I had forgotten how good Barry M actually is! Barry M are good for swaps with international polish-peeps because they're good quality and the colours are strong. Worth a look, I'd say. They've got some MeMeMe also. Maybe as gifts for nail newbies?

Jenni x

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  1. The Argos own-brand are really good too, cheap and good quality, as well as being BUAV Approved (cruelty-free). I've never heard of the first one! The Accessorize one looks good if they are full size - full size would be £36 in Superdrug for them! Barry M is pretty much my all-time favourite brand. Have you heard they've come out with 4 new magnetic polishes (in black, red, blue and purple) and 5 new 'normal' polishes - I think you'd love some of the new polishes, really funky colours, shimmery/glittery... there's a coppery shimmery one (Copper), one that's VERY close to OPI Not Like The Movies (Silvery Lilac) , a blue-green with a purple duochrome (Teal), a black with holographic micro-glitter (Black Multi Glitter) and a blue with silver shimmer which is matte (Denim). I can safely say they are all stunning and all firmly in my collection! They came out a couple of days ago. xxx