Friday, 29 October 2010

Accessorize Molten Copper

Oo, er.
The photo really doesn't do this justice.
IRL it's so blingy it's just a sparkly blur. So I didn't realise what a bl00dy mess I made until I took the pix. That's the trouble with MAGNIFICATION.

Now for an even WORSE pic. Hey, I never said I was David Bailey.

I love it. It's like one of my all-time faves - Butter London Rosie Lee.

  • It's bright.
  • It's made in the UK - oh, yes.
  • I got free P&P.
  • I like looking at it.
Back to school next week. Must think of something to do. I'm very good at switching off so I have no real clue what I do for a living when I'm not doing it.

Am just getting into The Apprentice so for fellow-fans a piece of advice.

'Maintain your professionality and be nice because the universe speaks louder than you do and you need to beware you won't be karmically retributed in the time to come.'


More Accessorize tomorrow. No prizes for guessing.


  1. Fabulous! I haven't tried this one yet as I couldn't face the removal! And I hadn't realised they were made in the UK - go us! What's your thought on the bottle size? They say 10ml, same as nails inc but they don't seem the same size at all?

  2. Ooooh very shiny! It's much nicer than I thought it would be.

  3. If it says 10ml it has to be 10ml. Doesn't it?

    Bottle sizes are so deceptive. I know what you mean. In the UK it's still a good price. Even at £4 for 8ml it would be a good buy when you think OPI retails at £10. I kid you not.

    I wish we Brits didn't have round caps on our bottles. They are so hard to hold.