Monday, 25 October 2010


I really have got carried away recently *face of regret and shame* and I'm having a major clearout so here goes....
Plus I haven't got the time to be polishing and posting and posting and polishing and my blog started to take too much time. This way I have more time to read YOUR blogs!

All unused

Sinful Serena & Chloe - good for Halloween, I imagine £1
Illamasqua Force £3.00
Models Own Proper Copper £1.50
Topshop Carry On Camping - green creme £1.50
Diamond Cosmetics - Matte Smoke £1
Essie Bermuda Shorts - vivid pinky-purple £1.50

All unused

Quirius Violet Pink £1
Quirius Roose Flambe £1
Quirius Lucy Diamond £1
Maybelline Succulent 50p
Skin Food (these have no names) £1 - they are from Korea
Sally Hansen Salon Poppy Love £1.50

Used once

CG Lasso My Heart £2.50
CG Secret Peri-wink-le £2.50
Quirius Russian Red £1
Quirius Glittering Rainbow £1
CG Cowardly Lyin' £2.50

Used once

LA Girl Addict £1.50
Orly Peridot Courage £1.50
Precision Rebel Red In You £3 (think Lubu Heels)
Orly Amethyst Decadence £1.50
Zoya Casey £2 (used 3 times)

There'll be more to come. Many more.
  • Payment is Paypal only. I give you my email address and you pay me. Simples.
  • P&P - let me give you an e.g. - say you bought the 2 Orly polishes the cost would be £1.60 for 2nd class within the UK. But I'd do 1st class/international and give you a price. Just ask.
  • If you want something then just leave your 'order' in the Comments box below with your email address and I'll get back to you to confirm. First come, first served basis.
Thanks, everyone!


  1. please could I have:
    Orly Peridot Courage £1.50
    Models Own Proper Copper £1.50

    my paypal is

  2. Hi Jen, I would like
    Illamasqua Force,£3
    Topshop Carry On Camping £1.50
    ChG Secret Periwinkle £2.50 please
    Thanks (this is not my Paypal addy)

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  4. For me, please:
    Amethyst Decadence
    Matte Smoke
    Skin Food
    Poppy Love
    Rebel Red in You

    the.karend at

    I will need international shipping, as you know. :)

  5. Sorry, me again. You're not giving up posting entirely, are you? I hope not.

  6. Hello, could I please have:
    Zoya Casey £2
    CG Lasso My Heart £2.50
    Quirius Russian Red £1

    lucisek dot beluha at

  7. Hi! Is Illamasqua Force still available? Let me know at katerinakoutan(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. Cowardly Lyin' please. But no rush on it - I'm happy to pay you for it now but wait til the rest of your sale goes live to see if there's anything else I have my eye on. Is that ok?

    hg at resourcing-solutions dot com

  9. hi!i know that a long time has been passed, but, is bermuda shorts still available? thanks!

  10. I'm interested in:
    Illamasqua Force £3.00
    Models Own Proper Copper £1.50
    Shipped to Toronto please!
    Melaniesli (at) hotmail (dot) com