Friday, 15 October 2010

Barry M Dusky Mauve

Good heavens to Murgatroyd!
What a polish!
A Very easy to apply. Goes exactly where you put it. And if I were better at putting it places it would look pretty well perfect.
B It needs light to reveal its secret. In the dim October daylight it could be vaguely, anonymously brown. With flash it's like this...... (See below).

I was very surprised when I looked at my pix to see the shimmer. This is the semi-dupe of Chanel Paradoxal. Now, I've a Chanel watch but I won't part with the pennies for a Chanel polish (a matter of priorities) so this is as close as I'm getting to Paradoxal which, in any case, isn't that special.

I recommend this polish as I reckon it would suit everyone. And it's relatively cheap.

Save or splurge? What are you prepared to spend real money on and what are you happy to compromise on?



  1. I have paradoxal and it surely looks like a dupe to me. It's very pretty :)

  2. I have the Chanel, and the Models Own purple grey, and your BarryM looks like a closer dupe than the Models Own. I love the Chanel, but here in Scandinavia, we either import or die basically. Even OPI (what little we can get in the stores) is almost the same price as Chanel (about £20 per bottle, no thank you).

    I can't see spending more than a few quid per bottle unless it's going to cook me dinner and do the washing up after. As an expat Londoner living in Norway, I just get my haul sent to my folks who still live in the UK, conveniently.

    I do see a difference in the quality and application with Chanel, no sense denying it. NOT, however, 10x the price's worth difference. UGH.

    We have another brand called IsaDora which comes in 6ml mini bottles for £8 (ridiculously spendy, imo) and the application and quality are fab. Love their brush beyond all reason. I'm wearing a dupe for Chanel's Khaki Vert right now in fact (the dupe is called IsaDora In The Army, #706).

    I'm going to pick up the frankening torch I think. Can't stand to pay these prices for lacquer.

  3. I won the Paradoxal in a giveaway and I can honestly say that compared to Barry M the quality is crap.
    I haven't seen that colour in Boots, yet. It really suits you. xxx

  4. That color is very pretty, I like that it has that hidden shimmer, a lot.I wouldn't shell out the dough for Chanel polish either, seems a little high for a nail polish.

  5. Looks lovely! You have to love Barry M! :)
    Would definitely rather spend money on cheaper things. I might splurge on something that would last, like shoes, something to get the use out of it. But seeing as I change nail polish often, it would be hard to justify spending a lot on a polish and not wearing it everyday! :P

  6. Thanks, everyone. I have very occasionally paid big bucks for polish but Paradoxal wouldn't be that polish. Not even Chanel Jade because there are some lovely mint shades out there.

    Cook and wash up! Ha!

    Must get IsaDora. I love trying "obscure" brands.

  7. its in my collection but i havent worn it yet :D