Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Barielle Cashmere Or Loose Me

Some polish names are whimsical, some are hideous puns and some are just plain STUPID.
Cashmere or loose me.....
You couldn't make it up. Except that some eejit DID!

I've been quite hard to please recently but this one hits the spot.
See that copper pearl in the bottle? It doesn't translate so much to the nail but what the heck. I really like this colour. This is day 3 or 4. Started off as 2 coats and then I refreshed it with a third coat as, even by my own lackadaisical standards, I hadn't done a very good job.
I'm not a great chocoholic but it's a very satisfying polish in a gourmandising sort of way.

Mind you, I've used my cold and sore throat as an excuse to guzzle 6 almond choc ices in about 24 hours. Oops.

How's your health these days? I can't seem to shift this dratted cough and cold.



  1. yeah, it is a stupid name but the polish is beautiful. I love to wear browns in the fall ;)

  2. Get well soon! The colour is rather nice adn looks quite classy, the name is dumb. xxx

  3. I love it, a perfect autumn colour. It has felt very autumn this week, still some sunlight, but everyone is all wrapped up. :)
    I've been very lucky to have avoided the cold that is going around, the horrible freshers flu that everyone gets this time of year. I've upped my intake of fruit and veg and disinfected the house after my OH got it last week. It is horrible, I really hope you feel better soon, more choc ices may be a good idea :D

  4. Nice colour (^_^)

  5. Pretty. I DO see some of the shimmer on your middle nail...

  6. I didn't even realize this had a shimmer when I saw it in the display. Might have to go back for it.

    I seem to finally be over the change of season cold I got from the germs going around my office, which just leaves the allergy symptoms, but we should be getting a hard freeze soon to help with that.