Friday, 1 October 2010

American Apparel Hunter

Persistence pays. Didn't want to pay full price for AA but you never see it on ebay. Until not so very long ago. A couple of AA polishes from a new seller (only 20 transactions but 100% feedback).

Fairly colour accurate. It's never black - I didn't want it to be. It looks even better IRL.

This pic shows too light due to the flash.

This was packaged tighter than a ....well, I hesitate to say what as it might be considered a trifle impolite. But really tightly with lots of paper and sellotape and card and all manner of packing materials. Kept those pesky bottles in check anyway. So congratulations to the seller. Very thorough.

Oh, and why does the postman always call during the brief period you nip out? And why doesn't he keep the same hours? He was way earlier than usual this a.m.

And while we're at it. Why isn't the milkman delivering Bonio any longer? He used to. He can deliver bread and washing-up liquid. Why no more Bonio? Bloomin' outrage!

What has got your goat recently?



  1. the color is rich i tell you! rich! just having to wash my hair really gets my goat.

  2. Sorry, I don't have any rantings today, I try not to rage most days, lol. What in the devil is Bonio, if you don't mind me asking?

  3. Washing your hair? I have strange visions now, Sam Harvey.
    AP: Bonio = dog biscuits! For clean doggie teeth!

  4. Nice ebay find, a really nice dark green. :)
    Your lucky to still have a milkman, I've not seen one since I moved down south!
    My postman is always cause for annoyance, he will put a red card of doom through the letterbox, no matter if I'm in or out, never kocks the door! You just have to lay in wait by the door if you're expecting a package :S
    Ahh the postal service, always good to rant about! :D

  5. I insist on having a milkman. He's a good chap and managed to deliver the milk without fail despite the terrible snow last winter.

  6. That colour is brilliant. Not going to lie, I think AA's owner is a complete douche (please mind my French) but may have to put my morals aside for a bit, or at least find a dupe for that colour lol. And I love your rants!