Thursday, 30 September 2010

M & S Rainbow and Jessica jellies/tints

Picture. Without further ado.

Sloshed (hence the particularly messy cuticles) the jellies over the top of the silver holo in the kitchen. FAIL, thought I. Got to take the pix anyway, thought I.
Took photos, looked at results and decided it was only a partial fail.

This next one is blurry - but I like the violet tint and it does show that the pink tint doesn't work at all.

The aqua works and so does the red.

The tints that were layered on top of the Rainbow are my trusted Jessica jellies.

Must find the green. Where have I put it? Actually I must do a thorough inventory of my stash. There's a coral too but that's my least favourite.

Hey, it's actually NOT raining. Much to my shame I stayed in yesterday so the dogs are keen to get out and about. I bought a pedometer yesterday (the rain didn't prevent me shopping) so I'm keen to discover how many steps my dog-walking will amount to. 10,000 is my target. Wish me luck. I'm at 1143 steps so far and I've been up for a couple of hours.

What's your exercise regime? Do you even have one? Went to the GP earlier (routine stuff) and was so depressed by the clientele that I decided I really do have to spruce myself up a bit to avoid becoming a bit of a saddo.



  1. Love those colours, the turquoise especially!
    I can't believe you'd ever be a saddo with nails like that.
    Wii Fit all the way for me with a bit of swimming as well. My poor old hips seize up something rotten if I don't keep up the activity. I'm extremely to get a Furlong hip so I daren't take it for granted. xxx

  2. I should think about Wii Fit. I used to run up and down stairs a million times. Maybe I could just do that.

  3. Fail? What are you talking about, woman? This looks seriously hot. What a great use for a jelly lol, I've never thought of anything like that! They look so pretty in the botle too.

  4. Thanks, Lena. But the pink definitely doesn't work. The purple and red were pretty OK though.

  5. wow! never thought of putting a jelly over a holo - that is such a great idea! the aqua is my fave. walking on the treadmill right now. incentive is getting to read my fave nail blogs. hopefully can continue when i get back to work.

  6. gosh i love ervy single one ... gorgeous

  7. neato! I like the turquoise jelly over that holo!
    over a thousand steps just in the first couple of hours of a day?! wow, i bet I don't even come close to that, many steps is it from my bed to my coffee press?
    ...but I do run at night as you know, and to mix it up, I do Yoga a few times a week and sometimes I just take my dog for a really long walk in the middle of the day to decompress from the day...
    but seriously, YOGA!!!! And practice makes perfect, none of this mamby pamby 'i can't do yoga' rubbish, just practice!

  8. I am so going to copy this idea with my own holos and jellies.

  9. I think these look great! Definitely not a fail!

    As for exercise, I just tend to walk everywhere, although I don't do as much as I used to when I lived by the beach, there's not so many nice walks in a city. :(

  10. Oo, lots of lovely comments. Thanks to everyone!

    Walking is the best, I think.