Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero

If this isn't a candidate for a stupid name (Stupid Nail Polish Names) then I don't know what is! It even gets a comma. That's how pretentious it is. I almost declined to feature it on grounds of appalling taste but my liking of the colour got the better of me.

I had to clip my nails. They grew quite fast in the Adriatic air and I don't like to feel my nails against my palm when I make a fist. Not that I'm a pugilist, you understand. Making fists.
2 coats in the sun after a day at work. Easy application. Very impressive for a cheapie.

Now look here. I know this next photo isn't in focus but it does show the gold shimmer. And I must add that this polish has grey, taupe, green AND gold aspects.  Hoping to go to Milan in October so I should be able to pick up some more Catrice then.

Lastly a holiday pic. 
The photo has no artistic merit but there is a tale to accompany it.

The chap in yellow is the boat-man from whom we hired a boat. You could never just hire a boat in the UK and be allowed to tootle off with it. Tedious bloody Health & Safety regs. Anyway, the daughter and the fiance thereof and I decided to take out a boat onto the sea. The fiance wanted me to steer out of the harbour because none of us had done this before and he didn't want to look an idiot. So I listened to the nice man (see above) and then he got out and I.....well, I tried to steer us out. Unfortunately I banged into every other craft in the place much to the amusement of onlookers. My OH ran off in acute embarrassment and the fiance had to take over. He had no trouble whatsoever in getting us onto the open sea and we had a fine old time. I don't think I caused major damage. In the end even my daughter was better at steering than me and her eyesight is really pretty poor but I am spatially-challenged at the best of times and can't understand why they don't have a steering wheel. If it's good enough for cars then it's good enough for me!

We sailed around this island.

Are you a good pilot/driver/captain? Can you use a tiller or a joystick?



  1. I'm rubbish despite my Dad having a boat when we were kids I never made an able sea-woman. The scenery looks fab and I'm loving your hippy sunhat.

  2. The boat I've been out on did have a steering wheel but it was a little skip of a thing!
    I love that Catrice polish, so pretty...and yes, your hippie hat is awesome too. ;-)
    What do you think of your daughter's fiance having longer hair than her? is he gonna braid it in a crown for the wedding?