Wednesday, 15 September 2010

OPI Bronzed to Perfection

I don't have many browns - 3?

I can't remember why I wanted a new brown. It was only a week ago but a week ago I simply HAD TO HAVE IT. How does that work? From ardent desire to forgetfulness?

Pic1 shows the colour a bit over-orange. 2 coats.

Pic 2 has too much flash and is consequently a little washed-out but shows the subtle sparkle (technically fine glass fleck).

It's really got my OPI-juices flowing again because the quality is superb. So I'm going to add to my OPIs but will I pay premium prices? I will not.

OPI? Must-haves or not-bovvereds?



  1. I must admit I've never tried OPI but I think I would in the future, it looks like a lovely brand, :)


  2. I've had my OPI Black Tulip for 10 years and it's still going strong. Great brand and there's a cosmetic stall at the local boot sale that often churns them out for a fiver. I love that orange-y rust colour, tres 1970's. Does it have a funky name? xxx

  3. You could have had mine! I really don't like this colour at all. Nice glass fleck and good application, but the colour? Meh.

  4. I'm with Helen on the colour, looks fine on you but doesn't appeal to me at all. I hardly have any OPI's - the first couple I had were terrible, 3 or 4 coaters which put me off then there was the Brand New Skates debacle, I love the colour but I think it was 5 coats on me, just not worth it. I'm sticking with my Nails Inc who are rarely anything less than fabulous.

  5. Jess: Well, don't pay top price in case you are disappointed.
    Vix: I don't know Black Tulip but I love that name.
    Helen: I don't remember it on your blog. Maybe it was a long while ago?
    Call: Oo, what happened with BNS?

  6. I actually have this one - was drawn to the glass-flecked goodies in it. I think I might wear it now that I've actually seen it on someone!

  7. I like this one, very fitting for autumn.

  8. This reminds me of pumpkin! My favorite flavor of anything, great smell, full of fibre, and awesome color! Boy 'o boy! Hmm, fav. OPI of all time?! What, doesn't exist, I love them all but for their brushes but I really like My Private Jet (holo) cause it is such a versatile color, Miami Beet is really gorgeous too and lately I've been into their Lucerne-tainly look Marvelous from the Swiss collection

  9. I like the glass fleck, but I'm never sure about brown nail polish. I have one brown/copper, I love it sometimes, other times I wonder why I have it! :P
    I've never tried an OPI, but I have other non-high street polishes and they do seem better quality. If only we could get paid to wear it, not the other way round! :)

  10. AP: I badly want Miami Beet but need a bargain so it hasn't happened yet.
    Gem: The day OPI actually send me some promo stuff to try.....well, it'll never happen. But can you imagine!!!
    Karen: I like it. Partly it's just the OPI quality/ease but it's an easy colour.

  11. Yes, it was a while ago though.
    If any of your readers fancy it, ask them to get in touch as I'd happily swap for it!