Sunday, 26 September 2010

Barielle Daring Dahlia BOGOF

There's a BOGOF on all the 2010 ranges and I badly wanted Aura Angora and the silly one with a long name with Cashmere in it. So I picked up Blossom and Daring Dahlia to make it worth the £3.95 postage. Working out at just less than a fiver each all in. Not too shoddy.

2 coats. I was expecting this to be a creme but it's more of a jelly and hence has become an instant favourite. Most people would require 3 coats because they prefer an even finish. I quite like the way the polish settles at the tip and gently pools there. Looks interesting in different lights.

A lot of people also report Barielle generally being "too" thick to work with easily. I really like their formula.

What I do NOT appreciate is the way they (yet again after me complaining) shove 4 polishes loose in a padded bag. So the polishes have every opportunity to bang together and shatter. This did not happen fortunately but what a negligent way of posting a fragile product. Boo!

Can you believe this ad is from 1944? With a bit of restyling this could easily work in 2010.



  1. What a glorious advert! Great find. xxx

  2. I like this color..i also have as thing for jellys so this is a ++ for me.

    Where did you find this add? I don't even think it needs restyling. well..okay maybe it looks a bit dark and scary