Sunday, 19 September 2010

Eyeko Chi Chi + proof that I have no creative eye/sense/instincts

OK then.

Quirius Black Coal was showing a little tip wear so I thought layering would be a good idea. I was mistaken.

In theory pink and grey are fabulous together. See below.

But not so much when I try it. 
Actually of the pix above I only like the Dior ring and the Ferretti dress so what do I know? And I don't love them or anything....

Should bloggers post mistakes/errors/wrong turns or feature only highlights and successes?



  1. I kinda like it! I think bloggers should definately post their mistakes or random broken nail - it shows their human!

  2. Well, I've just painted my nails without my glasses and now I notice I haven't got to the edge of the tips. So I guess I'll photo them anyway....

    Oh, I don't wear my glasses on my nails btw.

  3. I'm with Tilly; I appreciate it when people post nail looks they're not happy with. First, it makes me feel I'm not alone in messing things up now and again, and second, one person's yuck can be another's yum. When I taught quilting, I would bring in what I thought was the ugliest quilt I've ever made, a symphony of bright orange and yellow with sage green and an awful floral print, to show that color sense can be learned. I learned that not everyone found that quilt ugly.