Sunday, 5 September 2010

Barielle Electric Boogie

Don't get me wrong. I like Barielle. But when they had a BOGOF offer on their spring and summer 2010 collections I did struggle to find enough shades to justify the P&P. I prefer their older polishes.


As is so often the case when I haven't expected much of an item I was disproportionately pleased with this.

1 coat over the pre-existing blues (Illamasqua Force and Miss Sporty). You can see the previous mani easily enough. I was being lazy. I'm going to do this more and more though i.e. use an existing mani as a base for a different polish rather than start from scratch each time. Laxity and moral turpitude? Gosh, yes.

And just because I can, I give you Mary Quant.
I have footballer's legs so these socks don't suit me but does that deter me? Not a jot. I have a drawer full of long socks in various designs. They emphasise my muscular calves and make me look more like Wayne Rooney than is generally considered desirable but I love 'em.
Ad is early 70s. Obviously for the US market as it includes the word "fall". 

What differences between US and UK English have annoyed or confused you? I particularly detest the demise of the "shop" which we are losing in favour of "store". You buy things in shops with money. Shops have warehouses or stores where stuff.



  1. My first ever nail polish was that shade of shiny blue, I really like it.

    I'm always lazy with sticking a new polish on top of my last one, especially on my toes. Shhh, no one notices, except when you need to get the industrial remover to remove all the layers. :)

  2. I used to love a Spectacular shade called "Blue Lagoon" in the 1990's. Wonder what happened to them, cheap and animal friendly, too.
    Love that colour on you and adore stripy socks.

  3. I am a bit worried about the removal but hey!
    Vix, you have the legs for long socks. I so envy you those legs.