Friday, 3 September 2010

Illamasqua Force and Prism + Miss Sporty

OK, pic shows 3 nails.

The Miss Sporty looked a bit like the Illamasqua Force so I decided to compare.
So it goes like this...
L Miss S 2 coats
Mid Force 2 coats
R Force + Prism 2 coats + Prism makes 3

In sunshine. Obviously they're not the same. The coat of Prism (see bottle pic below) makes a subtle change and I'm going to play with layering it over black and green and other colours.

Nothing great about any of them.
The Illamasqua were reduced at asos. No way on earth would I pay £13 for them. The Miss Sporty is cheapo as we know. If anything, the Illamasqua doesn't dry as glossy as the Miss S.
I'm not really happy with the coverage but I'm back at work and not exactly back in da groove with m'nails. So 2 drossy coats will have to suffice.

 Unlike this lady. She's very soignee. Very nicely turned-out. 1965 this is from! 

What's your favourite berry?



  1. Raspberry - so flavourful, so tart!

  2. I like cherries, although they are clearly a tree-fruit and not a berry, so I guess berry-wise I would have to go with the Loganberry, so sweet yet tart and big and juicy!
    I like the force nail indoors, I think it is a very pretty color!

  3. Cherry rhymes with berry. it'll do.

  4. Chuck?
    I'm also rather keen on juniper berries (gin and braised red cabbage are both divine).
    Love the blue polish, far more like it. £13 for a nail polish? Scary stuff! xxx

  5. I didn't pay £13!!! Used to get through tons of red cabbage and shepherd's pie once long ago when I worked in a bank in Nantwich. Some good pubs there.

  6. I have a soft spot for boysenberries, as my husband and I spent some time at Knott's Berry Farm on our honeymoon.

    I am rather puzzled by the pile of odd faux fruits the model is lounging on. Are those miniature apples? Unnaturally round and pink raspberries? My brain struggles.

  7. The berries aren't all berries, are they? I thought the same, Karen.

  8. I love it!

    I'm your new followers.