Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Nina Ultra Pro Brandywine

I started my current collection 13 months ago and this is one of the first polishes I bought. Certainly one of the initial 30.

2 or 3 coats. I can never remember. I love this. A little later I was desperate for Nubar Raspberry Truffle, promptly ordered it, got it and found it not nearly as nice as this.

These are about £3.50 from Sally Beauty. We have one in the soulless concrete monstrosity that houses many of the local shops. The Nina bottles are not especially attractive to the eye but this particular polish is a corker!

This shot was indoors. I've cut my nails again. I hate it when I begin to feel them against my palm if I make a fist. Ugh.

Now I going to close with a question as I usually do but am getting a little more personal today (intrusive?). This is called Brandywine. Last Christmas I decided my drinking had reached worrying levels - maybe a bottle of wine per night. Even worse is the feeling that you simply must have a bottle to hand and that you look forward to it so much and you can't face the thought of even a single day without it. So I didn't have a single drink for about five months. Now I can have just one small glass of wine and leave it at that so I'm very fortunate. I needed to knock it on the head and I did.

Sorry for the sob story but I'm so relieved I managed to retrain myself! One day at a time though - mustn't get too complacent.

So - brandywine. What's your favourite tipple? Champagne? Shorts? Cocktails?



  1. Nice color!

    My taste buds are not very sophisticated, so I drink sweet wines, hard cider, hard lemonade, and margaritas. Not all at once, though!

  2. Hard lemonade. Gracious, what's that? I don't even know what goes in a margarita, I'm afraid.

  3. Mmmm, margaritas - tequila, lime, triple sec (orange liqueur) and ice. My fave cocktail. Probably. I'm a cocktail fan but would prob. choose wine as my favourite tipple.

    And well done you for managing to recognise and then rein in a potential problem. That stuff can really sneak up on you, addiction wise. And it's so prevalent and accepted in our society.

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  5. good job at being able to resist addiction! My Auntie is a wine-o, I think she drinks the boxed wine and goes through a big box of wine in about 2 days. I like margaritas in the summer, bloody marys in the winter and beer all the time!

  6. Brandywine, that's a very 1980's sounding name.
    I don't think there's room to list my tipples of choice, it's easier to mention the ones I don't like - whiskey, brandy, anything with creamy, aniseedy or orangey.
    I have 2 nights a week booze free, but last week I managed 5! xxx

  7. I've never even had tequila but a margarita sounds good.

    Giving up smoking was no problem. Giving up drinking wasn't bad after feeling very ill for the first 5 days.

    If I could lose a bit of weight though...That's tougher.

  8. I'm finding losing weight very annoying lately. So much energy expended for so little results.

    Hard lemonade is a mild malt liquor, consumed mostly by young people and lightweights such as myself. :)