Monday, 27 September 2010

Rimmel Sunrise + Barielle Blossom

Popped in to TJ Hughes. They had a whole load of Rimmel for £1.99. And not just sad old pinks either! You have to check up on TJ Hughes. Got a Stila moisturiser for £1.99 as well. They are a good place to get skin care stuff IMO.

3 coats but it's the 60 second stuff and it went on as easy as an easy thing.
Blossom is 2 coats and still streaky but I didn't notice before I did the photo-thing.
Sunrise is so preeeeeettty
It's not exactly a thrill-ride into oblivion and beyond but it is a nice polish.

Mind you, 8ml isn't much so it isn't even a great bargain. Oh, what the hell....

An ad from 1968. Cutex.

It's a bit eerie due to the "foreign fingers".  Makes the whole face look distorted. And casts unbecoming shadows on the face. Oo, hark at her. Graphic design expert or what? NOT.

Believe me, I was there in '68 and we didn't all wear washed-out shimmers. Bright lime green and banana yellow were my favourites in those days.

What nail colours did you wear when you started out with nail varnish? And, if it's not giving too much away, how old were you and when was it?



  1. wow, love the Rimmel 60, but it costs quite a bit here in Singapore. so it's a no-no for me :)
    i agree with you on the ad. lol, but the finishing reminds me of.... suede? smooth suede? lol.
    Well, i started out not long ago and i loved my occasional electric blue and dark reds and browns... very fall, eh?

  2. Well well, that is a very eerie ad!!! I started out in lacquer in the mid nineties and as I was a youngin' (8 or so) I was really into dark/bright purple and teal! I cannot even tell you how many teal polishes I've owned over the course of my lifetime so far! hahaha. My favorite one came in a bottle that was shaped like a kitty cat. =)

  3. Jamie: Shame about Rimmel being expensive. Electric blue is a tough colour. Doesn't suit me.

    AP: Teal. How unusual. I love teal but I don't think it likes me so much....