Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Maybelline and a blast from the past...

Picture first - got no new nails today. Well, I got OPI Miami Beet in the post from Lithuania (ebay) and I've wanted that for a long time. But no time to do the 1 000 001 things I need to do today PLUS paint my nails.


Lynda Carter looking very Dallas/Dynasty. I don't remember these bottles though. And why indeed would you? Got a few pix of slebs used for campaigns. Which brings me to....

What d'you think about slebs being the "face" or "nails" of a brand? I hate the cult of celebrity. I give you Paris Hilton, Katie Price, anyone who has ever been on Big Brother. Why would anyone want to ape these people?

Looking at this more positively - is there anyone you WOULD like to see fronting a campaign? Seriously or facetiously. Or d'you prefer an anonymous model? Or just product photos? Does V Beckham looking moody make you want to buy stuff?



  1. Oh, Lynda Carter, how I loved her!
    I'm pretty oblivious to advertising and unless I need it no-one can convince me otherwise (unless it was Jarvis Cocker maybe, I love that man). xxx

  2. OMG, I never knew Maybelline was so old. Wonder woman old. Totally shocked. I don't mind celebrity endorsement really. I do hate when they have the same person promoting a product forever.

  3. well, Lynda Carter...I want a bottle of that. V. Beckham looking moody is not nearly enough to make me want to buy a product, not even close! But, on another note...Eddie Izzard or Ewan McGregor could get me to buy just about anything, but as for female models...Zooey Deschanel for Rimmel is making me crazy since I don't support the brand but I love her!

  4. I don't remember those bottles, either. Strange, as I remember Lynda Carter quite well.

  5. i would like to see me with my shrimp da la sheen nailies. but that is just me. v beckham looking moody. somebody get the hook on her.

  6. Some interesting characters.
    Izzard, Cocker, McGregor.
    And this Zooey person. Note to self: must look her up.

    Course Eddie Izzard does wear cosmetics and so on. Illamasqua should sign him up.