Saturday, 11 September 2010

Mavala Violet Diamond

Another lazy-bones effort. Mavala glitter over Essence Lilac Forever.

These Mavala Diamonds always end up looking like freckles in the photos. They're actually not that bad.

See? They were good value for about £6 on ebay. You have to be so vigilant for bargains on ebay. I love it.

So why do some people call it evilbay? What is it that people have against it? I think it's a fabulous resource and ideal for ensuring that we reuse things rather than simply throw it away. So what's wrong with it?



  1. OO those look like they would be good to franken with... ooo

    Evilbay...addictive err.. can be pricey.. sting shipping.. dodgy dealers lol saying all this.. I have no trouble with my regular ebay store I use for OPI/Chg/CC ... but very rarely use it these days... far too addictive!

  2. Addictive - yep, I'll agree with that. I don't mind the postage because of the convenience. I charge a bit more than the "stamp price" when I sell stuff but only a few pence to reflect my fuel costs and sellotape.

  3. I really like the violet glitter. I used to get a lot of clothes/accessories off ebay. It's great for bargains/usual items. :)

    I don't bother with make up/nail stuff though, as you have to watch out for fake items. I took a risk on some mascara that I normally get and it looked ok, sellers seemed ok, but when it arrived, it was obviously a fake. Although if I had never used the real mascara I might not of noticed. I still love ebay though, just a case of being wary.

  4. Nice sparkles!
    eBay rocks! I've been selling (and buying) for years. Superb for vintage clothes, VW car parts and architectural fittings. xxx

  5. I don't think I've had fake stuff. If I have then it's been good, Gem.

    Vix: Reminds me to look for a blind for my bedroom!

  6. The only time I ever came across a Mavala display it sure didn't have anything as interesting as these glitters.

    As for evilBay, I think that comes from sellers who charge twice the actual shipping cost for "handling" and ones who put nail polish up for a starting bid or buy it now at double or triple or more compared to the retail price. So greed, basically.