Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Essence Lilac Forever

I said I'd do a post of a polish and I am - even though I had to rush this yesterday. Firstly I applied 2 coats and dashed out. I realised later they were too patchy so I added a third and it was all downhill from there. It seemed impolite to refuse to hold hands with the OH on the sofa because one had just re-painted the old nails so I have smudges. It is equally discourteous to then sod off in order to redo the messed-up mani. Hence what you see before you.

This colour is ten-a-penny but I got this because I don't have any Essence polishes and it has a funky cap. Oh, and it was cheap in Croatia. I don't need a gazillion lilacs in my life but I'll keep it as a holiday souvenir. Fave lilac that I have? OPI A Grape Fit.

Speaking of Croatia. The black squirrel.

The wildlife we mostly saw was black squirrels, small and very fast lizards/newts, bats. Mercifully short on midges and mozzies. We wage war against grey squirrels at home because they trash the bird-feeders but we're in favour of red and black squirrels. 

How much does your OH (if applicable) grumble about the time you spend on blogging/reading blogs/talking and thinking about cosmetics and fragrances and clothes?



  1. I'd never buy that lilac colour but seeing it on you I'm sorely tempted.
    The old man's worse than me for internet addiction, thinking about cars and chatting with his mates, mind you as long as he gets that spare room finished I'll let it go. xxx

  2. I try my best to fit most of my internet use to times when Mr. Karen is otherwise occupied, in order to minimize the grumbling.

    I love those caps; I wish more brands would do coordinated caps.

  3. Karen: Yeah, more snazzy caps, please!
    Vix: Just shows how much I know - I didn't imagine that blokes msn-ed each other. I'm so naive.

  4. hehe, I have a pic of a black squirrel with a white tipped tail I saw in Michigan, it's one of my best pictures!
    My hubs is always on the internet so no worries there, lol!

  5. Just ran into your blog, all ready love it and then I notice the beautifull purple color :) and you bought it in my country :) hope you had fun in Croatia :)

    following from now :)