Thursday, 23 September 2010

Not nails - boots

An ebay triumph (IMHO)
Last autumn - £15 plus P&P

Not new. I like used better.

See the star (well, it's not easy in my cruddy pic) on the wedge?

I'm not going to apologise for my footballer's legs because they're what I have and I don't dislike them. They're very serviceable. They run in the family - or rather stomp.
They DO mean I need wide-calf boots which is one of the reasons I was lucky to find these because most boots of that kind are simply unwearably hideous.
They DO mean ordinary boots cut me at the back of the knee because my legs are very short so I couldn't wear them even if I could squeeze in.
They DO mean patterned tights don't sit properly on me because my muscles (and yes, lard) distort the pattern. I just love these tartan tights because they're fun. I never wear the boots with these (always opting for black opaque) but I just grabbed them out of the drawer. Too hot for tights today.

But people are starting to bring out their boots so I got boot-envy. The fur goes all the way inside. Toasty. But there's no label on them. I have no clue how to find any more. Maddening.

The word /chocolat/ is embossed on the sole and that's all. Trail the web as I may, I can't find their origin.

Do you have a body part that's awkward to clothe?
Would you wear tartan tights?



  1. Nice boots and I love the tartan tights! I like patterned tights, those are really nice.

  2. I really like those boots and think they look rather lovely with the tartan tights. Wouldn't black be too much of a contrast? I always think that areas you lack confidence should be covered with pattern then onlookers eyes are focussed on the pattern rather than the shape beneath. Does that make sense?
    "Chocolat" doesn't ring any bells. Evans do boots in a wider leg fitting, think the brand name's Essence if you search eBay.
    Problem areas? My head is massive. I can never get many hats to fit. xxx

  3. Thanks for positive comments.
    Gem: The tights were even better before I washed and wore them to a faded shadow of their former selves.
    VV; You're right. I should wear camel tights to try to elongate the shape and match the colours. I just get tied in to black. Big head, huh? ;o)

  4. the severe part down my short bob cut hair. i wish i would spend more time to tease the hell out of the back to cover it but it is low on the priority list. i like the side zippers on your boots. i love the fur. i would say you had your lucky shopping cart:\

  5. Wonderful! I love these...and the tights!
    I wear crazy tights all the time, I am known around my lab/office as the one who wears the most 'inappropriate' unconventional tights when I dress up...whatever, I like them, a.....LOT...!!!
    My calves are also awesomely difficult to clothe, as well as my grotesque hamstrings that are so buff they actually stick out!!! No skinny jeans or 'jeggings' for me, lol. =)

  6. Lucky shopping cart. LOL. Thanks, Sam.
    AP: You're a runner so I guess that figures. I have some more fab tights from when John Lewis had a sale. Raspberry and teal. Not actually in the same pair though....

  7. Finding trousers that fit both my waist and my hips at the same time is a challenge. Evidently the fit models do not have hourglass figures these days.