Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sally Hansen Pure Putty

It's not exciting but it is the sort of polish you wear when you need a rest from the blues and greens et al.

 After about a day at work.
2 coats in the sun. I love this.
Is it pink? It is on my summer hands. Is it nude? On some people, yes.
Anyway I like it.

 Indoors. And you can see the cool label so there you go.

I have just ordered 6 polishes from the US - much funkier colours.
I just want something different. Different brands. You can't really beat OPI and China Glaze for quality but they're just so ubiquitous. There are some new BB Couture I fancy so I may get those. The nailiverse needs new blood. I've been buying polish seriously now for a year so maybe I'm just jaded. Boo. New, innovative, different. C'mon, let's have some excitement. And I DO NOT mean Zoya bloomin' spoons.

What's the next new thing? A brand, a colour? A finish?



  1. I used to call that colour "Doll's Nails" when I was a child. Not my favourite, I prefer something loud and tasteless (a bit like me).
    The peanut duck really is for peanuts but sometimes I fill him with spicy Indian nibbles and call him the Bombay Duck. xxx

  2. This color is trendy 2012. I had the nail color for 2 years. never wore it until now. I hated when I used it as a french mani. NOW OMG -I LOVE IT> I wear it on long gel nail and I "fade out" the colors at the tip. LOOKS FAB!!

    Great nude nails look for dark skin- a polished non-polish look.