Friday, 17 September 2010

Quirius Frozen Tears

I really like foils. All foils. I obviously ordered this on the basis that I wanted/liked it but it turned out better than expected. Pretty. Pretty is good. But it deepens in colour rather remarkably depending upon the light levels. It's very pale violet at times but much more vivid at others.

See what I mean?

Same polish but good value in different lights. Just look at the bottle too.

I have 3 Quirius left to wear and planned to do them as a series but got seduced by OPI one day and Rimmel the next. So tomorrow will be Rimmel. Or maybe Eyeko. I just can't stick to a schedule. I simply have to tinker.

Do you plan your posts (if you blog) and adhere rigidly to your projected timetable or are you very flighty and changeable like me? Do you try lots of different outfits on before you settle on something or do you just dress'n'go?



  1. I don't have any Quirius, but I see why you like it. I always love a good foil and this definitely fits the bill.

    As for the blogging question...I work so hard during the week that I usually take swatch pictures and put posts together on the weekend...however, I have an extra stash of picture swatches in case I change my mine (it's been known to happen, lol). Which is funny cuz when it comes to clothes I'm often the 50 different outifts person which makes me 10 minutes late for work and if I can just get away with it, I'd rather throw on my partner's oversized hoodie with some yoga pants and be done with it all. Happy Day!

  2. This is very pretty indeed.

    In answer to your question... I have drafted and scheduled enough posts to take me to the end of the year. I play around with the order ALL the time. As I only post every other day, it leaves room to insert new and exciting stuff too without disturbing the schedule.

    Clothes? I put my clothes for the day out the night before so I have no choice. It works better that way.

  3. Helen: I started scheduling posts after you recommended it to me before. I try to be a day ahead at least but like it if I can do 3 or 4.
    LW: If I can organise my weekends better I may end up doing it your way. Trouble is I don't like swatching much. I prefer to just do my daily mani but that is time-consuming.

  4. Very mermaid-like that colour, imagine it would look fabulous with a tan.
    My blog posts are always completely unplanned. I never know what I'm going to babble on about until I start typing. xxx

  5. Oh my, this one is gorgeous.

    As for blog posts, I make a rough schedule about a week out, and do strive to post pictures in close to the same order I took them in, but am always getting distracted and posting things that aren't on the schedule. Like today, for example: Chanel wasn't on my "to blog" list for this week, but then the package arrived the day before I had some time to swatch and I just couldn't resist putting them up, especially since they're still available for purchase at regular retail so if people see them and want them they can get them.

  6. Mmmm Frozen Tears is definitely going on my next order.

    In the beginning I used to plan ahead. Now life is so hectic its more of a mani-of-the-day and where-the-heck-is-my-camera. Hopefully soon to settle down as summer ends. Hopefully. *sigh* I miss my blog and reading other blog posts.

  7. I really like this one! I wish I had more foils other than the Orly Foil FX ones!