Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Quirius haul

Black Coal and Lucy Diamond.

Frozen Tears and Erin Island.

Paris Night and Cresskill Eve.

Roose Flambe and an OPI. Bronzed to Perfection.
(Whether Roose was a typo they got stuck with or they actually meant it I do not know...)

So I've already shown Erin and Cresskill. That leaves 6.

Guess what's coming tomorrow. 1 of the remaining 6. Any ideas?

And speaking of prizes (except there are no prizes for guessing) - I'm up to 134 followers so I'll do a giveaway at 150 (if I ever get there). But there'll be a loading towards my most frequent correspondents. It needn't just be nail polish. I'm collecting other items.

In many ways 134 is perfect. If you get squillions of followers you probably feel it's rather a burden and a responsibility and that you have to issue a daily edict or you'll desperately disappoint the reading masses. Plus you can't respond to comments individually very easily. Although some bloggers are punctilious about that. Kelly of Vampy Varnish often answers questions and it's clear she reads her comments so well done to her. (Just one example - I'm sure you're all frightfully respectful of your readers.)



  1. I really like the look of Frozen Tears- I'd like to see that xx

  2. A good haul and really pretty colours. I really like Cresskill and Black Coal, actually I really like all of them! Love the bottle shape.

  3. What marvellous colours and splendid packaging,too.
    Congrats on all your followers! xxx

  4. Thanks, everyone. I'll show them all. Frozen Tears is such an evocative name.

  5. I'm with Primp and Preen; I hope it's Frozen Tears up next. :)