Tuesday, 21 September 2010

More Quirius including Harlem Passion and Belmont Garden

These colours dry matte. But I applied top coat to the index and little fingers. 3 coats. The middle and ring have no top coat but I'd just oiled my hands so the green is generally more matte than it appears here. Look, I know what I mean.

I just adore the bottles. In the middle is Rainbow Glitter. I tried to show the holo characteristics of this but failed. In addition the purple Harlem Passion is accurate in this pic but the green is far too pale! How can this be? One colour is spot-on and the other quite wrong! There's no sense in it.

I have a weird predilection for purple and green. What's that all about? Thank goodness the asylum doesn't let me choose my own clothes. I'd frighten the horses with my bizarre combinations.

Which is worse?
Blue and green together OR pink and yellow?



  1. I love blue and green together, I won't have a word said against that pairing! Pink and yello, bit Battenburg cake? I adore your nails today, may even beat the black look you were sporting. xxx

  2. Thanks, Vix. But blue and green should never be seen.

  3. I love purple and green together! Back in the day (90s) lots of websites were done in this color combination.
    Your posts got me to finally try out Quirius polishes. I placed an order on Sunday.

  4. Oh, God. The responsibility! Hope you like them ABOP!

  5. Purple and green are great together. Pink and yellow are bit too cutesy, I think; great for Easter but not many other times.