Thursday, 16 September 2010

Quirius Black Coal

You look at this in the bottle and think, "Pleasant silver foil but black coal? Not so much..."

But it does manage to capture a dark quality on the nail. 2 coats. Or was it 3? Let's say 2.5.

It was worth $3 of your earth money. Not such a simple silver.  Actually it was 6 for $15 so even less than that. And when you consider the extra gift polish....Not that I'm counting or anything!

Nail polish is a bit of an indulgence. Do you keep track of your spending on this kind of thing or regard it (for you) as essential and therefore money-no-object?



  1. Very nice - looks like a good dupe for Illamasqua Snap.

    I do not keep track. I have a rough estimate as to how much 600+ polishes cost me but, ostrich like, I prefer to bury my head in the sand. I suppose it's cheaper than crack.

  2. You must have posted this early, managed to miss it.
    Love the black-silvery polish, can't beat it in the colder months once the tan's faded and the skin's looking a bit blue.
    You're right about eBay, you have to perserve and try every spelling mistake combination possible. Your boots sound fab, I think we share a mutual love for chunky soles. xxx

  3. Helen: I know! Multiply 300 x (say) £4 and it's scary. Ostriches rule.
    Vix: I'm just waiting for a cold day to get those boots out.

  4. That's a nice color. :)
    I have a rough idea what my polish costs but it doesn't matter. :)
    Have to enjoy,