Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Marks and Spencer Rainbow

Long Wear Nail Lacquer

Well, well, well. It comes to something when I had to see this on an Australian blog You've Got Nail before I knew it existed. Marks? Marketing? Not in the same sentence, methinks.

Silver holo. 2 coats.
Sounds simple enough.
BUT I've had silver holo before. GOSH holo. Dragged like a draggy thing. Hopeless. It had to go.
This just goes one like a normal polish and you KNOW how awkward holo lacquers can be. So, simple is good. Better than good.

I actually painted this on the nails of both hands and I never do that.
I'm going to layer it with my Jessica jellies tomorrow to make (I hope) a pink holo, a blue etc etc. That's the plan.

Nul points for the choice of name. Rainbow should be banned as a polish name due to extensive overuse. Lamer than a 3-legged donkey.

Likewise red polishes called anything including the words Red Square.

Any cosmetic names you've had enough of?

PS Does Ed Miliband have a cold or does he always sound that nasal? He's beginning to annoy me.


  1. Oooh that's pretty! GOSH holo was a nightmare for dragging and chipping.
    Revlon are quite bad for names. I saw one called 'Pink Again'. I read it as they already had one called Pink, so thought it was similar and called it pink...again.

  2. I'm confused is this the Mark brand or Revlon.., no matter whatever it is , it's gorgeous!

  3. Marks & Spencer. A British brand. Sorry not to be clear.

  4. This is at least more Rainbow than GOSH's Rainbow, which is lacking several of the spectrum of colors.

    I would like Cotton Candy to be retired as a nail polish color name. I have three or four of them.

  5. @ jaljen- Thanks for clarifying, no wonder it confused me...Ive never heard of it...its gorgeous! :)

  6. hey, thanks for the Eddie picture!! I love him so much and I think he is perhaps the hottest/smartest/most amazing trany I have ever seen anywhere! It is no secret to my hubby that I have a bit of a crush on him, I even have a 5x7 picture of him that I need to send in to have autographed as I went to him most recent show in Vegas, loved it!

  7. Yeah, Cotton Candy. We call it Candy Floss. It's horrible anyway.