Thursday, 9 September 2010

ELF Smoky Brown

This is nice enough. 3 coats. Applied the same night I was rushing to see the GP and subject therefore to rather sloppy application.

I have a big gripe with ELF. It's really my own fault though.

Head. Brain. Idea. Ting! £1.50 per polish. Got to get me some.

Too good to be true? But of course. Made in China. Hence cheapo. China has a hideous record of abuse of human rights and I take great pains not to buy Chinese-made goods. On this occasion my greed for cheap polish overcame my normal prudence. When I buy online I usually:
a buy second-hand/used so I'm not stimulating demand for new items
b email the company and ask them where they make stuff
I failed to check and consequently I ended up with unethical stuff. Not happy with myself or ELF.

Today's ad. From 1966.

Who was Hazel Bishop? What about these drug stores? Do they still exist? I notice the nail polish is the cheapest item.  And look at those fake lashes. 100% human hair. Freaky? I think so. 

Random question. How autumnal are you feeling today?



  1. What a great colour for £1.50. There are many different brands that are doing a smiliar colour. But i love it nonetheless.

    And as it is quite sunny here I'm feeling more summery than autumnal. I may take advantage of the sun while I can!


  2. It's sunny during the day and chilly at night and getting dark early. I love this time of year.

  3. No wonder it's only £1.50. Would this put you off buying again?

    I am feeling autumnal. I am not a warm weather person, so am more than happy to crack out the vampy polishes, jumpers and boots. Love this time of year, especially when the leaves start turning.

  4. It is a lovely colour. I've read lots of rave reviews about ELF but made in China tends to put me off, too.
    I found some vintage Boot 17 lashes a while ago that boasted 100% human hair. The Quick Touch Makeup looks rather fetchingly packaged. An ad from 1966, my year of birth, gotta be good. xxx

  5. Boo ELF, but then again, I live in the states where everything is made in China ... =/ Hmmm. I work with a lot of Chinese folk in the lab here so I like to think that I am helping their families out? I dunno, I do not buy cosmetics or food from China, generally, or childrens' toys, too worried about the lead issues.
    Awesome ad though, I don't know if I would wear $0.71 liquid foundation either, ew!