Saturday, 4 September 2010

Orly Amethyst Decadence - February

1 very disappointing
2 looks better in the pix than I am finding it IRL

Sunlight. Garden.
3 coats but needs more. Looks very wishy-washy.
Had the weirdest consistency EVER. Thin but not runny. And dry! How is that possible?
Doesn't adhere to the tips well.
Comes over as old-lady pinkish tbh.

Inside. It's just feeble. Promising in the bottle but  all "fur coat and no knickers" on the nail. Boo.

So let's go for something far more ballsy.

From 1950. Big hat. Bling. A small stuffed bird. Hypo-allergenic. 

How often do YOU sport the classic red lips'n'nails combo?



  1. You know, I tried this color on at my local beauty supply, I felt the same way about, it is lacking something...I think it's lacking the element Pretty.
    Chen Yu, where did you go, indeed? This is a really pretty ad though, I wear red on my nails quite a bit but I have tried the classic red on my lips and my skin is too Scottish to allow such a color.

  2. Scottish skin! And Scottish hair too, yes? Perhaps red is not so much for you then.

  3. I am soo not a lipstick kinda girl, gloss sometimes..vaseline..I have a couple mac nudes- ie. foundation on lips apperance.. but I feel like a clown with lippy on lol

    Red nails..always yet to find the PERFECT red though!!

    (agree's on the old lady pink LOL)