Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I'll be showing Essence Lilac Forever OR ELF Smoky Brown.
I've applied them but no time to take pix. This 5-day week lark is a pain. I'll soon be back to my usual 3 days though. Dashing off to GP for more pills!

Why matte is OLD news.....

Again - some very dodgy-looking fruit. And why no pix of the polish on the nail? But who needs advertising now we have blogs. Anyone else hate promo pix of bottles? The point is what exactly? Show me the polish on the nails, please.



  1. Is the damp weather playing havc with your bones? It's definately not suiting me.
    Never knew Matt had been along that many years, love the ad and intrigued by the fruit. xxx

  2. Hmm, weird-looking fruit bits there. I also hate bottle pics. So what, most of us know what a glass bottle looks like, I wanna see it on someone who is airbrushed and pretty!

  3. I think they used the polish on that poor fruit on display there. I don't mind bottle pics, though I'd rather see display pics in ads so I know what to look for when I go to the store, but as you point out, we've got blogs for that now.