Friday, 10 September 2010

The Edge Costa Rica

So short of time. Slapped 1 coat of Costa Rica over the ELF. I got me an autumnal mani which would hold its own in the China Glaze VV collection but The Edge polishes are £1.99. They can be found on ebay and their own website but there aren't many shades and some crackers have been discontinued. They do more acrylics and gels and so on than polishes. I love their stuff though.

No more to be said.

OK, let's go with the brown theme...after a fashion.

Wartime obviously. Cavalry officers (why?) and ladies be-ribboned and be-gloved. How I dislike that nail shape. But there is a lot of brown.

I am hankering after browns and camels. What can you recommend? And to what extent will you be going the camel-route (metaphorically speaking) in terms of clothing this autumn?



  1. What is it about september than makes me hanker for purples, oranges and chocolate browns?
    Liking the Elf and disliking the ad, the nail is a bit creepy. xxx

  2. hello
    i just found your blog and i like it!
    maybe you'll pass by my blog if you have time and follow me, too?

  3. that nail shape is so strange! I am currently wearing China Glaze Going my Way, very pretty. No camel clothes for me, yuck!