Monday, 13 September 2010

Quirius Cresskill Eve

I had visions of Cresskill Eve being a little-known pagan festival (it jolly well ought to be) but after a spot of googling it turns out that Cresskill is just a place in Noo Joyzee (which is where Quirius is located). Somewhat disappointing. Unlike the polish.

This is after 36 hours or so. 2 coats over the Bourjois Beige Sophistique I now use as a base. Easy as an easy-thing.

How about that? Admittedly all that glorious complexity isn't always visible on the nail. But when the sun emerges and bestows a blessing upon it then you do begin to perceive all the golden aspects of this mighty nail-paint.

I ordered another set of 6 Quirius last night. Some bloggers detest the bottle shape. I love it. These look good on my desk, I can tell you. I may pop one in the pocket of my shorts and take it to work just to feeeeeeeel it. I am a fearful fidgeter and feeler and drive the OH wild with pen-clicking and sundry other irritants. Allegedly I should be a skinny-Minnie (all that fidgeting) but I'm disproof (I know that's not a word) of the theory.

Are you a persistent fiddler (no, not the violin) or do you sit quietly with free fingers?



  1. I am a zen pool of stillness - but have often thought if I was a fiddler I'd be thinner!

  2. Love that bronzey green.
    I'm a dreadful fiddler, I'm never still not even in my sleep. Keeps me slim I suppose. xxx

  3. Wish it kept ME slim. Zen pool of stillness. Wow. Apparently I kick in my sleep.

  4. I've never seen that brand before.
    Unique color. :)

  5. I keep my fingers pretty still but my legs are always moving! My husband calls it the jimmy-leg and I have to take medication at night so I don't end up kicking him in the groin! Cresskill Eve does sound like a Pagan holiday, or maybe it's a Druid ritual?

  6. I vote we create our own Cresskill Eve festival. It should involve some sort of sacrifice to the nail polish gods. This is gorgeous on you. I love the bottle shape too. I ordered Ruby Pumps and it looks like a fat shiny apple, yum. Can't wait to see what you order next! (I've been plotting another order myself but can't seem to keep it to a managable size.)

  7. Susie: Check it out!
    AP: What medication d'you take for it? I've considered it but we have separate rooms now.
    Kitty: Yes, let's have Cresskill Eve. When shall it be? Can't be October or June. Or could it?