Saturday, 18 September 2010

Rimmel Apricot Punch

From the Lasting Finish range. New apparently. Fruities. Meaning it's supposed to smell nice. It does too. Faint and "chemically" but still nice enough.

3 coats but I never leave coats to dry between applications so it doesn't take a long time. Didn't do enough ridge-fill preparation but too bad....

I would never wear coral colours in clothing but I do like it as a polish shade even though I feel faintly old-lady. The lemon colour in this range has got some good reviews and I do have a soft spot for yellow polishes even though they don't suit me so I may get that one.

What do you insist on wearing just because you like it even though it's wildly out of fashion/doesn't really flatter you?



  1. Wow! I just love coral colored polishes. They look gorgeous!

  2. Coral never fails as a colour, lovelu post.


  3. Thanks, everyone. I don't like coral as a colour but it certainly works on nails.

  4. Scented Rimmels, cool; haven't seen these before.

  5. it looks gorgeous on you :)

    i love scented polishes and I have to admit, I've got a few ones only because they have a divine smell.

  6. ohh looks nice, i wanna try the scented ones as well xx

  7. I got this from asos so it was £3 to the door with free P&P. I will get the 3 others maybe.

  8. I've got this one and the strawberry one. I like them, but found the smell really strange at first!