Monday, 20 September 2010

Sally Hansen Black Patent

It's black.
That's not why I posted it. Just to show a small haul really that I felt was a good price on ebay.

I forget how useful black nail polish is and how much I like it.

I like the Salon polishes and I got 6 for £7.45 including P&P.
Poppy Love has come out pink. It's actually a shimmery blue-red and I think I'll love it.
I've seen pix of Gilty (ha ha NOT) Pleasures on other blogs and this also is a keeper.
The black is a single-coater so that's good.

Carthane may suit me as I'm finding these warmer shades look quite good on me even though I don't adore them.
Dawn is so-so but I'll give it a go.
Moonstone? We'll see.

Oh, and don't miss the Barielle BOGOF.
This includes the autumn collection in addition to 2010 spring and summer.
I've ordered Aura Angora (or whatever), Cashmere or Loose Me (what the hell does that mean and what's wrong with plain old Cashmere?), Daring Dahlia and Blossom. Works out as just under a fiver per polish including the dreaded P&P (pup pip pop pep pap?) which is reasonably bargainous for Barielle.

Are you planning any sale purchases or waiting for reductions of a longed-for item? Or saving for something special?



  1. That black is fabulous. It's so shiny and goddamned gothic.
    I've been pining for some high heeled Doc Martens since I spotted them at the Clothes Show last December, they're my daily eBay search, one day they will be mine (when the price is right). xxx

  2. High-heeled Docs? Wow. Haven't heard of those. Got any links, VV?

  3. Great haul; I love the old Salons.

    One of the drugstores is having a very rare buy one/get one sale on Borghese, so I got four of those for swaps yesterday. Which somehow I decided meant I could get two full price SH Complete Salons at my next stop.

  4. Wise shopping, Karen. I expect the SH just fell into your basket. ;o)

  5. You did a great great deal and i too love the SH salons the old bottles.

    (Can you tell me the names of the Jessica jelly tints. Looked on website and don't see them. Hope they weren't LE)