Sunday, 10 October 2010

OPI Flower to Flower

Disappointed in this. Still streaky after 3 coats.
It's nice enough but all the other swatches I've seen on other blogs are way better. The flecky/glittery bits just don't show up. Bo-RING!

My fault - my expectations were too high. But an OPI shouldn't be thick and streaky. Not at those prices. Even if I got it right cheapo from the asos sale. Which I did.

Still, it's better than Essie Pink Parka so that's worth something.

The vampy shades are working for me at the moment so maybe I'll go back to something dark.



  1. Rather nice, I imagine it would look fabulous with a tan. Shame about the streakiness, you can't tell. xxx

  2. It's a pretty pink, but a shame your disappointed with it. It still looks nice though, and doesn't burn your retinas like Pink Parka! :)

  3. Thanks, folks. It's OK. I wanted it to be fab.

  4. It's a pretty shade but not good to hear it doesn't apply well...thanks for the review though, always helpful!

  5. It looks beautiful in the pic. Shame it's streaky but the colour is absolutely amazing:)

  6. tis time of the year to rock the vampy shades anyhow...stupid formulas being so inconsistent from one polish to another!