Saturday, 30 October 2010

Quirius Rainbow

From ages ago.

Over black. Looks nothing special on the nail but great in the bottle. Really for this kind of gubbins I go to China Glaze Fairy Dust and I have to admit I found the wear on Quirius not to be brilliant.
But I love their bottles and their customer service is great and they are cheap so I still champion them.

I was trying to do a tribute mani to my watch. And then I couldn't get a good pic of the pave diamonds on my watch so it was all a nonsense anyway. Pfff.

I read one blogger who says she hates the Quirius bottles. Weird. If you ask me. Which you didn't.

Which nail brand does the best bottles/packaging? Do you like square? Large or small?



  1. Nice mani!

    Hmm. I personally prefer square bottles...Barry M's, for me, are the best looking.

  2. I like square too. Misa has great bottles. OPI are just *meh*.

  3. Nice polish and nice watch, they match really well. :) I like how you have captured the rainbow in the glitter.
    I agree I like square bottles, they stack better and don't fall over during my clumsiness. The worst ones for me are the ciate bottles, the bases are so long and thin. I like the long brushes, but the bottles I seem to just knock over. :/

  4. The bottle itself doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me because I don't hold it in my 'off' hand whilst polishing (If I try, I wind up getting distracted and dumping it on myself, it's happened before). I do have a slight preference for square bottles.

    The thing(s) that make or break it for me are the cap and the brush. I -love- orly's caps. I love Models Own lacquers but -loathe- the caps. So much so that the MO lacquers I use often, I transferred into another bottle!

    I really like Ciate packaging and Nfu Oh and some of the off-brand no-name Chinese polishes (like FCC, love their bottles!) I don't really like the lid on Nfu Oh, but I do love the little corsets :)

    Love Chanel, but hate the chunky lids and the price. Love Illamasqua, and the square lid is thin enough that it doesn't turn me into a bumbling thumb-monster.