Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Risque Cappuccino

Oo, this is really weird. You're going to think I'm mad posting 3 pix of this polish but I just love it.

  • It's from Brazil so it's a rarity. Big tick.
  • It's a lovely, delicate colour. Next big tick. Although I do know a lot of you still aren't persuaded by nudes.
  • It goes on like a dreeeaaaaam accompanied by softly sighing violins. (It's probably quite chemically which is why it applies so well but the ingredients list needs a Borrower to read it).
  • It lasts days and days.
  • It didn't cost much on ebay.

I don't even like Cappuccino. I hate milk in coffee. Detest it. But this is what cappuccino would be like if  it didn't make me feel ill.

Got to pop off to the Post Office with 3 parcels from my blog sale.



  1. you are nuts for posting three pics of one polish! lol. Very pretty, as I sip my own milky coffee

  2. That's really pretty! Do you mind telling which eBay site/seller you got this from - or was this a one-time opportunity? I did a search on ebay UK and US and couldn't find a single one of this brand.

  3. Very nice! I'm liking nudes at the moment, this one really suits you. I'm jealous of your great ebay bargain finding skills! :)