Friday, 8 October 2010

A perfumed post....

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First up - L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain 1912
Carnation and Iris 

The story: I was browsing in Brown's of Chester in about...oh, 1972??? and tested this. It has been my "signature" (see what I mean about pretentiousness) perfume since then. I don't even know if I much care for it any more but it is so evocative of that time that I must always have it. The memories overwhelm the olfactory element. Astonishing sense - the sense of smell.

Next, please.
Serge Lutens Muscs de Koublai Khan 1998
Animalic musk

The story: I was reading a lot about perfume a coupla years ago and this has quite a reputation. Some people find it utterly repellent and claim it smells of - shall I be forthright? - testicles/buttocks. I had to try it so I ordered a small phial from Perfumed Court and was immediately mesmerised. HAD to HAVE it in my life. Well, it's 125 Euros. The OH got it for me. I love my OH. Sorry about the blurry pic btw. It is pungent. It is compelling. It is wonderful. The OH thinks it smells of toilet-cleaner! If you object to bodily smells you won't enjoy this but if you are less fastidious and maybe even relish a whiff of sweat etc then it's essential. Have I put you off it?

Also (I have plenty more but 3 will do for today) and finally
Paul Smith London 2004
This has neroli
Also heliotrope and vanilla

Why this one: I love the bottle shape. Luckily I love the fragrance too. 

Do you have a fragrance or a kitchen or garden smell that instantly transports you to another place and time?



  1. Fabulous post! Nag Champa insence for me, as soon as I light a stick it feels like I've just stepped off an aeroplane and I'm back in Bombay. Heaven! xxx

  2. Reminds me to get the incense burner out. Thanks, Vix.