Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hunter and Rainbow + Diamond Cosmetics Glitter Silver

Got some tipwear on the Hunter (green not black) so glittered over it.
Decided to do it over the M&S Rainbow too. That Rainbow is positively indestructible!

Better do a fresh mani tomorrow.
Ordered at least 8 polishes over the weekend. Damned sales and bargains and reductions. Or rather silly me for not having any moral fibre. Just say NO.

What do you layer over a polish to make it last longer/conceal errors? Or d'you start from scratch?



  1. I tend to reach for glitter to freshen up a mani, figuring the sparkle distracts from whatever tipwear or chips I've failed to repair sufficiently.

  2. Loving the shades of grey but hate the feel of glitter on my nails. xxx

  3. Glitters don't have to be gritty but I don't think you can tell just from the bottle.....