Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasures + Barry M Nail Effects

Don't blame me for 'gilty'. I am not guilty as charged. You can put that one down to the Sally Hansen marketing department.

Now then, if you have as yet expressed zero interest in the Barry M I'd have to say you are bereft of taste and judgement. Get yourself on the website (let's face it, it won't be on the shelves of Superdrug or Boots because speedier women than you got there first) and order it. And while you're at it get Dusky Mauve and 1 other. That's 3 polishes plus £1.95 P&P which maximises the cost effectiveness. And Dusky Mauve ain't too shabby either. PLUS plus plus I ordered mine Tuesday afternoon - I kid you not - and it arrived before 10 on Wednesday morning. I have duly congratulated Barry M on their excellent service.

On to business. The Nail Effects. I didn't bother about all that "oh, don't overlap your brushstrokes" ballcocks. Slap it on. It'll be fine. Who needs an instruction leaflet to apply nail polish. C'mon!

I believe Barry M is considering bringing out this finish in other colours depending on the success of the black. So expect other colours soon.

Jumpin' Jehosophat, this is just what I needed to revive my flagging interest in polish. Thought I was going to have to witter on about politics or teaching or cough medicines or summat.

Do you ever run out of steam in your chosen field (mixed metaphor but you know what I mean)? Have you considered early blogging retirement?



  1. I am bereft of taste and judgement.
    No doubt I shall succumb to this at some point but not yet.

    I agree with the speed of Barry M's website though - it is excellent. I still wonder why they dont have all their range in the shops though.

  2. Helen, you are obviously exempt from that criticism!

  3. I love how your nails are the reverse of the design on the cap of the Barry M. If I didn't already have a black crackle (from Australia of all places), I'd be all over trying to swap with someone for this.

  4. That's an old sally? They just came out with a new one in their more expensive line that looks like the same color and is also called Gily Pleasure, hmm.
    I want Barry M. Racing green, every time I see it I start crying a little, it's just that beautiful!

  5. Barry M rocks my world. I've been lusting after that new crackle stuff since i spotted it on another blogger last friday. It will be mine. xxx

  6. Glad you got yourself a crackle, Karen.
    AP: I'm sending you Racing Green so check your comments....

  7. VV: It's so damned simple. I LOVVVVE simple.