Wednesday, 6 October 2010

China Glaze Red Stallion

I forgot how much I like red polish.

Feels like Christmas on my nails with Rampage on my LH (and how much better it looks with topcoat, may I add) and this on my RH.

I haven't used China Glaze for ages and had forgotten what good quality they are. Cor, I love this one. It's a bit too orange-red to be flattering but it is a hottie! 2 coats + TC.

Tesco has now mentioned the C-word in its advertising. I am emphatically not impressed.

At which date is it first permissible to utter the C-word? I'd say early November at the VERY EARLIEST!



  1. in singapore, mid-oct is where C-word celebrations will be hung up in Orchard Road... :D and the whole festive season seeps into my poor schooling soul, itchy for a holiday! :(
    love the Red :D

  2. Never! I hate anything to do with the C word....vile!
    I love red on others but it's horrid on me and my builder's hands. xxx

  3. I think I'd rather have a pagan winter festival that celebrated eco-things rather than the expenditure of vast sums of money on plastic tat. So there.

  4. This is a lovely red. Dupeable perhaps but still lovely.

    My birthday is in the first week of November. No C-word til after then, please. On a positive note though it means I can get a luxury tin of biscuits I have to bring into work on my birthday (office tradition) at a bargain pre-Xmas price.

  5. I hate the C-word... roll on January

    this polish is lovely tho!!

  6. I bet you have loads like this, Helen!
    I'm glad we're keeping the C-thing at bay for the moment.

  7. you will attract the world with those king kong red stallions. do you do red lips too? super stylish. classic.

  8. love this manicure!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  9. I totally love this red, it's gorgeous! I tend not to think about the c-word till december, but I know my one of my sisters has finished her shopping for it already. Crazy!