Monday, 3 January 2011

BB Couture Opposites Attract

I don't have many greys. Actually this may be the only one.

Plenty of silvers I have. Greys not so much. But if you want a grey this is a good one. Ever so slightly textured. This is probably 2 coats. I have fiddled so comprehensively with my camera that I have c0cked it up completely. Ah, well.

A Nars tomorrow and a back-story (how I hate that expression) of how I obtained it.

Back to work tomorrow. Tra la la. Oh, well. I have a clean car, a full stomach, a loving OH, a new grandchild to look forward to, a cup of tea at my right elbow, a box of chocs downstairs. Everything has to be worked for! Toodle pip!



  1. Hope tomorrow goes well for you.
    Love the grey, very rich and glossy. xxx

  2. I quite like grey polish, but I only have one for some reason. This is a nice grey, I think next time I splurge on polish I really have to try BB Couture. They seem to have lovely colours. :)
    Good good with being back at work! x