Friday, 28 January 2011

FAIL - FAIL - FAIL- black pearl

Black + pearl makes black pearl, non? Well yes, but not in a good way. Maybe applying this in artificial light didn't help matters. Look at Don't look at the tips.

It ought to work. I knew it would end up blue. I didn't want a Chanel-type Black Pearl because I don't like that but I did want something other than a streaky mess. Will try again with another black. I think this is a case of operator-error.

Misa Wishing on a Star + Illamasqua Prism are the culprits polishes used.


Would you or do you wear pearls? I'm wearing a Majorica pearl at the moment. I just wear it. I don't look at it and never noticed the green tinge before. Hm. So maybe Chanel DID get it right with this pearl business. Still don't like that shade though...



  1. I'd say the pearl is the issue rather than the black--those sheer shimmery polishes can be a pain sometimes.

  2. I'm not a fan of pearls, either the stone or the finish. I prefer matt stones (turquoise and coral) and finishes. xxx

  3. Prism seems to turn everything a blueish hue, even though it doesn't look that blue in the bottle. I wonder if a sheer frosty white would work better? Your pearl jewellery is very pretty. I often wear plastic faux-pearl jewellery, but it's just not as classy :P

  4. How odd! Everything I've used Prism with has been all smooth and lovely. Hope you can get it to work with another black. I love pearls but I wear fake ones, they're cheaper and cause I'm a vegetarian i just find them more ethical.