Thursday, 6 January 2011

Illamasqua Brigitte

This is 3 coats. Of jelly, liquid flow-y scrumptiousness.
Half-price in their sale.
It's a little more pink than in the pic.And a lot less orange-y. Still not got the camera settings right.

If you google Brigitte then you're likely to discover it's a German women's magazine.
But to me it's the actress who once looked like this. Brigitte Bardot (born 1934 so a bit younger than my mother).

And now looks like this.

We're all supposedly obsessed with weight gain and ageing.

My views are:
WEIGHT I'm too fat from a medical point of view but not as fat as lots of people I see in the supermarket (my personal litmus test!) so I'm relaxed about it.
AGE Never had it so good as now. I'm 55 and I like it! Apparently 30s and 40s are the time women are least happy. Work pressures. Relationship problems. All that stuff. I'm over that.

Where do you stand on weight and age? Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4) has spent 2 days on women and weight and I just want to shout at them to shut up. Are we not more than our lb and oz? Ffs. I know that's a bit odd/hypocritical coming from a woman who spends hours on fashion blogs but all that whining gets so tedious. RANT OVER.



  1. Yummy yummy, love that jelly!
    Weight? I too get totally tired of people blathering on about it. We're all different and we should embrace those differences. Having never had many curves I love blogging as I get to see all types of women looking fabulous and confident and not what the snooty magazines dictate we should look like...bloody
    Ps Hip-wise the NHS gave me a state of the art Furlong hip, it's been avaiable privately for 20 years and they haven't had to replace one yet. Guilt at my neglect possibly? I ain't complaining.

  2. I just love all the jellies you have! they are so pretty!
    Women and weight: boo! I suffered from an eating disorder for too long of my life and I have just now over the last couple of years come to love my body as it is. and everyone else's body for that matter!
    Women and age: get over it! yeah, we're all getting older by the day and though I am not old myself I can totally see your point of view, I personally will take my smile lines and achy hips any day over the drama of youth!

  3. I love Illamasqua polishes, but I love them even more when they are on sale :) This is a lovely jelly :)

    Weight is always a sticky issue. I have mostly male friends so it never comes up. I'm not thin and would ideally like to loose a little bit of weight so I can wear my older clothes again, but I'm not too concerned. I'd rather eat what I want than be obsessed with what I can eat. :)

  4. State of the art hip, Vix! But of course! I should have known.

    AP: Drama of youth. That is SO right.

    Gemx: Love food. Enjoy. Good that your male friends haven't succumbed to the pressure.

  5. When I think about all the mental energy I've spent over the years thinking about my weight, I feel sad I didn't spend that on other pursuits. My health insurance is setup so that my premium goes up if I don't meet several criteria, including keeping my BMI under a certain level, but they only measure it once a year, so I tend to end up doing crazy things before that appointment just to make the number, which seems counterproductive. This year I'm trying to be more sensible about it but we'll see.