Thursday, 20 January 2011

Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost

I know. I know. We can all be blase about purple shimmer with pronounced blue flash. Yawn. Been there, done that.......
But for £1.95?????? Not so much.And this is magnificent.

Hot, shiny, metallic paint in a bottle.
Unfortunately I only just noticed the PRC in the picture when I uploaded the pic. What a shame. I assumed this was a US brand and made in the US. For that price I should have guessed...

Eggplant? Or rather - aubergine. Bear with me.

US sidewalk UK pavement - sidewalk makes a lot of sense, descriptive, accurate. Yep, good word.
US elevator UK lift - lift wins, fewer syllables, a prosaic piece of kit, doesn't need 4 syllables
US eggplant UK aubergine - we imported our word from the French as we didn't really even acknowledge such a thing until...1974 (I'm guessing)

But eggplant? Egg? Some hens you have there! Except when I googled the dear ol' aubergine.

Yes, there are white varieties.
So I'm letting the US retain eggplant as a valid word. I'll wager you're relieved. Won't have to rewrite all those recipes.

China is by far the largest producer
A popular Provencal recipe is called caviar d'aubergine
Aubergines feature as indestructible enemies in a video game called 'Adventure Island'

What's your favourite vegetable or favourite vegetable story or favourite vegetable fact?



  1. I always thought aubergines were purple. Not THAT shade of purple. More Lincoln Park After Dark!

    I have this in my untrieds. It looks spectacular on you. Must dig it out.

  2. I love a purple polish and aubergines are one of my favourite vegetables ever. A restaurant in Goa I love calls it "Ovengin" on the menu which never fails to raise a titter. xxx

  3. Aubergines are impossible to cook but not to eat. Odd. Go for it, Helen.

  4. gorgeous nail colour, I don't like the taste of aubergines though =(

    Hannah xx

  5. You are funny! Lol! Love our wits. The polish is lovely :)