Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jessica Mystical Magic

Oo, oo, oo! I am officially on the hunt for Jessica polishes. I already have a few but my recent bargain buys have ignited a flame of desire for Jessica!

It's brown. But it's brown with an added 'je-ne-sais-quoi'.
2 coats.
The accent nail (for which read - trying to cover over a bit of a c0ck-up) is a layering effort with 3 additional beauties.

 Look at that GOSH Rainbow. I have 3 PLUS a Nubar 2010. Flakie is my middle name.

Word to the wise: some GOSH stuff is half-price at Superdrug. Including Holographic which the display claims is being discontinued. If you like their Holo - and I know there are many fans - then lose no time.

By bargain buy I mean £2.99 for the Jessica from

Good site. Not much choice but the 3 I got are great. I spend so much time looking for sites like this. I really should get a life some day....



  1. GOSH Holographic at half price?! Too bad I don't have long distance transporter technology a la Star Trek.

  2. I was thinking that polish looked a bit Paradoxal, not quite brown but rather lovely.
    What did we do before the internet? xxx

  3. Honestly I thought we'd be teleporting by 2000. Life can be so disappointing.
    Lovely it is. Too dark to be Para. Get Barry M Dusky Mauve for that.