Monday, 17 January 2011

Scwarzkopf Mystic Violet permanent hair dye

It didn't manage to defeat the Cosmic Blue (which was black, let's be honest). It did cover the grey at the temples but I'll have to grow out the black before attempting a re-dye. It needs shearing anyway. Then I can try Cyber Purple.

The styling is courtesy of cheap hair gel. I use so much to wrestle it into submission that I buy supermarket rock-bottom. 35p a tub is plenty good enough for moi. Putty and wax I simply cannot work with. Have neither the time nor the inclination to make them malleable. I can't get the angle to echo the way I see it in the mirror but I was happy with it this morning. Looks better in my head. Much better.

This is perfectly achievable on me when I'm blonde. Apart from the cheekbones and perfect skin and that stuff. Just talking hair obviously.

No need to list the cosmetics applied as there clearly are none! Ha! I notice my camisole is fraying but the straps will have to sever themselves spontaneously before I chuck it out.

We all colour our hair, don't we? When I retire I shall go turquoise or pink or some such...You?

Bonus CBA.

Poor baby bats. Victims of the Queensland floods.



  1. Pale and reddish blonde highlights for me, unexciting I know. Started 10 years ago when the eldest stepchild had to describe my hair for a computer program and said 'brown'! I always wanted pink hair (was a big Toyah fan when I was young - I know, I know) but have worked in a corporate job for 22 years so no chance. I've never been anything other than blonde/dark blonde

  2. You have fantastic skin, such an even tone, too.
    Me? Natural blonde been dying it ebony black (boots' own brand) for five years, totally love it . Blonde is just not me. xxx
    PS Poor little bats.

  3. was too busy looking at your skin to notice the hair lol :) need to read again lol xx

  4. :O agrees with llloo :D gorgeous skin. im so ashamed now :((

  5. Thanks for comments about my skin. It's really blotchy. Methinks the camera lies....