Thursday, 13 January 2011

Schwarzkpof LIVE XXL Cosmic Blue + others + cute baby animal alert

OK. This is the starting point - Cosmic Blue. I was blonde all summer.

Too much serum has flattened it today. Damn. I model myself usually on Struwwelpeter.

But today I've just gone flat. You can see what I'm aiming at though...

ANYWAY stay with me. What next? Violet or Purple?

Last time was Violet and I like the blueishness of that but these are on offer at Morrisons so I bought a stash. I swear by this range if you relish strong colour. It is conditioning too as far as I'm concerned. Go get whilst on offer.

That style with that colour kinda thing.

Cute baby animal. That's why you're here. I always get more hits/comments when I do dogs. Fair enough!

Baby gorilla in the rain!!!!!! Now that IS a bad hair day. But utterly delightful.

More cute babies tomorrow. Oh, am I the only woman in the world who doesn't find human babies cute? I had two of my own but babies do nothing for me. When my girls could talk - that's when I 'got' them.

Please be honest...
A Babies? Adorable. A dor a ble.
B As long as they're your own...
C Don't know what the fuss is about!
D Aliens.Weird.
E Does anyone know a good nanny? I'll take over when they're house-trained.



  1. I can't see the blue - hiding under the serum I think.

    Ref Babies

    C/D - but I don't have any of my own (only stepkids). Generally I think better when they have characters/personalities and speaking is a plus!

  2. I can see the blue, dark hair looks good on you. Loving the lipstick, what is it?
    That is a cute gorilla and babies? Eughh! Definately D and I'd go for Mystic Violet 'cos I like the name. xxx

  3. Cosmic Blue is really fairly black, I have to admit.

  4. I really like the look of the violet dye for you. I don't like human babies at all. They dfrighten me a little, it's the giant alien heads! I also have a phobia of pregnancy, babies just seem like parasites to me :P
    Oh and i always look like Strewwelpeter