Friday, 14 January 2011

Illamasqua Poison

From the sale. Going vampy/dark these days.

Plus a bit of lipgloss in the centre. Looked at my other lip-pix and was shocked by how meagre my lips now appear. Plus the odd angles I seem to have achieved in error. So went a little beyond the lipline with this.

The flash has thoroughly washed this out. It's dark and matte. I don't think I'm going to develop a major lipstick addiction akin to my passion for polish. Even lip products I really like don't absorb my interest the way polish does. My account seems to haemorrhage money as it is!

So here's the pic from the Illamasqua website. Cool, huh?

CBA now.

I know not what it may mean to you. Perhaps it's an acronym for Chartered Business Accountant. But I care not for such things. I should as I do have an accountant but his qualifications are his own affair. As long as I don't get into trouble with the taxman (could be a woman, I don't doubt it) I am a happy bunny. Cute Baby Animal.

Newborn at Paignton Zoo. The keepers hoped the mother was pregnant but weren't sure. Arrived at work to find this! Great way to start your working day.



  1. What beautiful Cupid's Bow lips you have! Gorgeous colour, very Louise Brooks-ish.
    Cute giraffe, love the wobbly legs. xxx

  2. Thanks. I basically painted the shape on. Who's to know?

  3. WHAT DO YOU DO? what is you occupation? awesome!!!!! does he/she have a name?
    i've been trying to get at the job at my local aquarium for's so hard to get a job at an animal facility when people are willing to do what you want to do for free =( lots of volunteers and what not. If I had the money I would volunteer at the local animal shelter or the aquarium. we don't have a zoo close by

  4. I love the colour :) That giraffe has a little beard :P