Monday, 24 January 2011

Wet n Wild Sparked

I got this from Cheap Smells. I thought I was buying Starry Night. That's certainly what it said on the website and the invoice. I'm sure you can guess what that kind of polish 'should' look like. I actually got this fellow (do nail polishes have a gender?) and I'm not perturbed.

I love this kind of finish and thought at first glance it must be akin to my beloved Butter London Rosie Lee.

And there is indeed a resemblance but, even to my untutored eye, they could not in a month of dull and rainy Sundays be described as dupes.

Do you think you have a good eye for colour? Do your friends ask your advice for 'what goes with what'? Do you pick something thinking it will go well with an existing piece only to find that they clash disastrously? Or do you like clashes? Would you wear different shades of blue (for example) in coat, cardi, skirt, shirt, tights???



  1. Check out the sparkle! I'm good with colour, despite my strange colour combinations in my outfits I can carry a colour in my head and match it up perfectly. xxx

  2. That Butter London looks delicious. The Wet N Wild looks good as well, though.

    Clothes wise I do match colours but it's more about matching the acessories to each other than the clothes to each other. I have a peculiar sense of style anyway :P

  3. I love the colour! :)
    I'm an awful judge of matching colours, especially with pinks. I only have a few pinks as I know if I see one I like while I'm in town, I'll already have one almost identical and I wouldn't realise.
    As for clothes, everything goes with black right? :) xxx

  4. Well, does blue go with black? I don't think so....

  5. I think I have a good eye for color, though not so much a good memory for it. Making quilts and studying combinations for that has made me expand my ideas of what goes with what, so I'm much more comfortable with things like navy and black together. I think that sort of tension adds interest to a combination.

  6. soooo pretty! ive thought some have been similar too and ive been wrong upon comparisons (side by side)

    we did some brief color theory in high school.. that was like 6 years ago but i still remember distinctly how to determine if browns are true browns or red based. strange lol

  7. I love it when things slightly clash. Olive and red is one of my favorite combinations to wear. I'd definitely wear an outfit with different shades of blue. I like wearing purplish-taupe and olive, too...I just love olive.