Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Trasparenze Dora - the shade is Fumo (smoke)

Another of my enthusiasms is for tights. And over the knee socks. For whom we apparently have Katy Perry to thank. I don't know who Katy Perry is but I'd like to point out that we had these socks in the 60s. Think Twiggy. So Katy Perry can put that in her pipe and smoke it!

Yes, the socks are boring to look at but they are SO soft. A lot of wool in these socks. Also these shoes are a bit big so they fit better with some padding!

This is how I would wish to look if I could choose my legs. I would certainly ask to keep those shoes if I were the model.

These are from Good service. You see I can't just pop into Primark even though my colleague tells me they do great tights/hosiery because of my policy of not buying 'made in China'.

The tights were on sale in John Lewis. Emilio Cavallini. Raspberry and teal tights were discounted in abundance. A popular distaste for gaudy tights results in bargains for me. Excellent.

Anyway Italian hosiery is amongst the best. I had better save for a haul when I go to Rome next month!

OK, Twiggy pix. Couldn't find the right socks but just revives memories...

  I was cray for lime and apple green in the 60s!

Funky tights?
Yay or nay?

Over the knee socks?



  1. Yay to both especially posh Italian beasts bought for a pittance rather than that vile "P" shop that dare not speak it's name.
    I thought you said you had short, fat legs? They look rather shapely and fit to me, my dear. xxx

  2. Definitely yay! I love funky tights, I don't have so many since having a cat for some reason! Little tight wrecking monster :)

  3. One of my dog trashed my tights on Monday but I shall wear socks over them. Ta da!